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I am a landscape/seascape fine art photographer living on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. I like to present nature in an artistic manner, taking ordinary scenes and transforming them into images that are aesthetically pleasing, yet still realistic.To accomplish this, I use whatever is at my disposal, be it hardware, software, or ordinary creativity.

I shoot all my photos both as a jpeg and a raw file. The jpeg lets me see how well the camera was able to process the scene. Very rarely does the jpeg live up to my expectations. That's where the raw file comes in. A raw file is similar to a negative used in the days of film. It contains a massive amount of data, most of which never gets processed by the camera. Cameras do only what software engineers designed them to do. Machines cannot think nor calculate what a person envisions while viewing a scene. By processing my own raw files, I am able to bring out the absolute maximum that's contained in that file......detail, colors, shadows, highlights, and midtones. Only then is the photo complete.

Every artist has a particular style...something that helps identify that person and distinguishes him/her from all others in a particular field. Alain Briot, a landscape photographer living in the the American southwest writes, ".....without a personal style our photographs will show a location. Anyone can photograph a location! There is nothing special in doing so. What is special is making this location look unique. What is special is using a personal style to depict this location so that our photographs look different from everyone else's photographs."

Most of my photos are shot from a low angle, making use of low light through the use of long exposures. I tend to focus on seascapes and landscapes without the human element. In so doing, I hope to evoke a sense of mystery and moodiness as a general theme.

In summary, I'll use a quote from well known Utah photographer, writer, and blogger, Guy Tal. "The goal of creative image processing is to guide an image from raw data captured by the camera through a series of creative edits to a master file matching the visualized image conceived in the artist's mind. These edits are the artist's own contribution to the ultimate appearance of his own work . Creative work requires time and attention. It is the pursuit of quality rather than quantity, substance rather than volume, depth rather than superficiality."

I hope you enjoy some of my work.

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